Monday, August 21, 2006

Doesn't everyone need a Luxury Chalet in Switzerland?

Honestly! They were advertising these as Luxury Chalets.

Oh, sorry! We're spending the weekend at my castle in Umbria.

Castello Carbonana was built in the 5th century as a military signal post during the period when the Senate was in Rome and the Emperor resided in Ravenna and the main tower of the castle dates from this time. In the 10th century the Templar order rebuilt the smaller tower, which is the jagged part on the front of the castle. The round tower was built in the 12th century and the abbot was given the title of Count of Carbonana. A painting of Castello Carbonana - dated to 1495 - appears on a large wall map in a corridor that leads from the Vatican museum to the Sistine Chapel.

The building as it stands now, complete with the roofed sections, was completed in the 14th century and has 37 rooms. In addition to housing five gracious apartments, the castle also contains wine cellars, dungeons, tower rooms, and more. American standard plumbing and wiring are installed throughout the castle. One of the castles ‘crown jewels’ is the large, natural rock swimming area with waterfall that overlooks the valley. The building itself is in excellent condition and there is also a connected 12-room cottage.

Situated on top of a stunning cypress-covered hill at 2300 feet above sea level, Castello Carbonana overlooks 50 acres of land that include two other hills and a pastoral valley. It has a vineyard, olive grove, and many fruit trees. The Apennine Mountains line the horizon, completing a truly majestic view from the castle out to the beautiful Umbrian countryside.

The Cost is 6 million US Dollars

Castello Carbonana is located ½ hour North of Perugia, 2-1/2 hours from Rome and just an hour from the Adriatic Sea.

Really! Dungeons and American Plumbing--Do you take Mastercard?

So you're coming over for dinner Sunday, right?

Life in Italy!
Important castle - The central unit was built in the XII century by the marquee Enrico Del Carretto in a predominant position between Piedmont and Liguria. It was then inhabited by Francesco Sforza in 1438. The caste has been partially modified and re-built in 1630 by count Verrua, husband of Margherita Scarampi owner of the caste. In 1726 the property was transferred to the Savoia family and was further modified by Giacomo Fontana ( Carlo Emanuele III minister ) who followed also the making of a park ( 3700 sq meters ) The castle has a surface of approximately 2200 sq meters ( 24000 sq feet) it also has a farm house , internal cohorts and a dependence of 1000 square meter (11,000 sq feet ) At the moment it is a private residence in a excellent condition features flooring in wood, terracotta and stone, wood beam roofs or vaulted roofs, some portions of the roofs are covered by fresco paintings … it even has a private chapel. Rumors go that important people as Napoleon and Pope Pio VII staid at the castle It is located 21km south of Alba. A beautiful view of the Langhe and the size of the castle make it suitable for many type of usage.

I'm so there.

Tell me you don't deserve this!

Ahhh. Tanaka: The Residence.

Available for ¥ 1,100,000!

I'm packing up my Manga and Bento Boxes right now.

Please send cash.

Japan Home Search.

Sunday, August 20, 2006

Now you can be the girl from Ipanema!

Ahhh...Rio! Yep, I found another real estate site with the coolest apartments!

Things to do:
1. Buy ticket to Brazil.
2. Knock over a bank.
3. Find a hot (fertile) brazilian guy on myspace (the USA can't extradite if you're the parent of a Brazilian).

Ya'll are invited to my pool party at this penthouse! Maybe I better get a better pool, cause that one looks like it fits two. So much for laps.

Where to stay for house/chateau lovers

I love Bienvenue au Chateau! Beautiful drawings! Can't wait to hit the lotto to visit. Can you imagine a summer in France-rotating your stays at these lovely chateaus!

and speaking of houses

am I the only one out there longing to own the house on Archer Avenue! One of these days I'm going to win the lotto, and buy it. I've got it saved on Google Earth, and a dozen other websites full of people talking about it. Talk about a setting as a character...I don't think the Royal Tenenbaums would have been the same without this house.

Pottery Barn

I just got the new Pottery Barn Catalog! MMMMMM! One of everything please and a larger house to put it in!

Saturday, August 19, 2006

Sweet Dreams!

Maybe I'd sleep a lot better! The Orbit Bed available at Italy Design.
Honestly! Click the link, then scroll down and click the bed. I wonder where you can find sheets for that?

...and speaking of Kauri Pine Floors

Love it. I've seen stains on oak, and other woods similar but they don't look the same. It looks even better in some of the older bungalow style homes in the Sydney. Especially with wider planks.

Cute Little House in Melbourne

Isn't this just the cutest little thing! Melbourne Region Australia! Wonder if it has kauri pine floors...which are my favorite. Too Cute! BTW it's for sale if you're interested

1st Post

I'm completely crazy for coming up with this blog. But, I am postive there are people out there like me. I love to look at other peoples houses! I'm the person who goes to real estate open houses just to look at the inside. I love to watch DIY shows, and browse for paint, flooring, and furniture, even though I don't plan on purchasing, or have a renovation in mind. Recently I read a book set in Hong Kong, which made me wonder...What does the inside of an average apartment in Hong Kong look like? So I found a real estate web site in Hong Kong called Hong Kong Homes that let's me peek! Now I wonder what else is out there? I want to peek inside every home on the planet! I want to see if people in one area prefer bolder wall paint, then in another area. Please tell me I'm not alone! So here's the blog! Email photos/or post if you have a recent new home purchase, or you've redecorated your home, dorm room, garden, whatever! Brag if you've found a great paint color, or window treatment.
I recently redecorated my daughters bedroom. We found a great shade of blue similar to a capri blue at Home Depot. I attached fabric to one wall in Alexander Henry's Fashionista print. I'd post a picture, but that requires her to pick up her room! I then painted the spare room in Olympic's Belgian Waffle from Lowe's I plan on using this color for the rest of the house's main rooms. Lovely color, really magical how it can brighten up even the darkest rooms! I'm currently checking out paint for the girls bathrooms at Sherwin Williams. I can't seem to decide between Haute Pink, or Party Time. Anyone have really great ideas or photos of girly bathrooms?

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Cool Dorm Rooms

Check out the link--Vintage Dorm Room! I wonder what's hip in todays dorm room. I'm obsessed with the cool stuff at Ikea, and Target. Target has some really great stuff for dorms these days. I love their Bronze Age line, the dishes are so cute.